Order process & payment

Are there any hidden costs?

No. You pay a fixed fee per month and we deliver on our promises: The Easy Business Generator (you can always check your confirmation email to see the details of your chosen package).

What you need

Do you need any extra functionality or extensions? Please ask for a quotation for your specific needs. Support vouchers are available at lower costs than our basic hourly rates. Please send us an email: support@webalist.eu).

Our advice is to always begin with what we are delivering and only then discover what might be missing.

After the first year you can choose to adjust your monthly membership to your needs. Just email us and we are happy to guide you through it.

How are the payments done?
After you ordered you will get a few emails

1. Confirmation mail about your purchase

2. A mail regarding implementations sessions

3. A mail about automatic collection of the payments 

This is only applicable if you have a Dutch bank account

4. Mail with checklist of all information you have to deliver in order for us to build the website

You will receive the emails in the course of the coming days. if you do not receive any emails, please let us know via support@webalist.eu

Every month you will get an automatic invoice form our system.

Are prices including VAT?
No, because our target audience consists of entrepreneurs, all prices are excluding VAT. You will get the VAT reimburst, because these are marketing costs for your company. 

If you are a resident of a European Community country, you do not have to pay VAT as long as you provide us with your VAT number. If you can’t provide a VAT number (or simply don’t have one), we have to charge VAT. 

If you live outside the European Community, you do not have to pay VAT.
Do I need to be registered at the Chamber of Commerce to make use of this offer.
You do not need to be registered at the Chamber of Commerce. You can directly start with your website and implementation.

This is a one year contract. What happens after that year?
The contract is indeed for one year. After that year you can choose which services you want to keep.
You can choose for basic hosting. Your website will be hosted on the most sophisticated WordPress hosting platform in the world. You will have unlimited diskspace (fair use policy), unlimited bandwidth (fair use policy) and  domain registration (.nl, .eu, .com). Other domains on request. The cost of this hosting package is € 8,50 per month.

There are various other options. 

To have full access to all tools within the Easy Business Generator, you need to have the expert hosting of € 47 per month. 

What is included?

Do I get an email address with my website?

YES! With the professional office platform from Google (G Suite).

Computers with websites are on average used for 97% for handling email. This will give the server a heavy load. Another disadvantage is that the server can end up on email blacklists. This will have impact on the deliverability of all mails from the server (also for other users of the same server). 

That is the reason why we choose for a cloud solution for email instead of running email from our own servers.
We setup 1 email account for you as part of this offer. 

An additional advantage is that you will have Gmail, Google Docs (documents), Google Sheets (spreadsheets), Google Slides (presentations), Google Calendar (agenda) and a tasklist at your disposal. A complete, professional office platform in the ‘cloud’ completely ready for expansion of your team (and your business)!

G Suite works great with tablets and smart-phones.

An advantage is that you work on Google servers. If you remove an email from your inbox on your phone, it is also gone on you computer. Your mailbox is always available and synchronized over all your devices, as long as you have an internet connection available.

→ In this offer you get 1 G Suite account (1 mailbox). It is possible to request additional mailboxes if you need those. These additional mailboxes are not included in the offer.

→ Monthly costs for 1 extra mailbox/user: EUR 4,- p/month (or EUR 40,- p/year = EUR 3,33 p/month)

I want to start later. Is that possible?
Yes, this is possible. You can choose to start now or at a later moment. 

It is our experience that entrepreneurs who start directly and have the website up and running in a short time (few weeks) will be more succesful than those who take a very long time. Speed of implementation is key here!

Our advise is to start immediately. It is better to have your website – which still can be improved – live, than to have no website at all. Because without a website you will not be able to get feedback.

What is included in the hosting?
Your website will be hosted on the most sophisticated WordPress hosting platform worldwide. 
Unlimited disc space and unlimited bandwidth for your website (fair use policy), 1 mailbox via Google G Suite is included (see FAQ about email on the website).

Backups and updates of WordPress and all plugins are included. You will also have an SSL certificate (your website will be https and not http). This is more secure.
Who owns the domain name?
The domain name will be registered on your name. So you will be the owner at all time.

I already have a domain name
Do you already have a domain name and is this registered at another provider? 

No problem.

Ask the authorisation code at your current provider and send it to us at the moment we request the code. We will take care of the domain name transfer.

Do you have existing email addresses on your current domain name that you want to keep, Please contact us first. We can then make sure your email will stay available. 

I don’t have a domain name yet
No problem. Check on transip.nl if the domain name is still available. 

Our advise is to wait with the registration of a domain name until after the implementation sessions, in which we will work on sharpening your target audience. This might have impact on the domain name you want. 

To get started

Can I change the texts, images etc. on my website after the initial setup?
For sure!

We have a WordPress manual and you have access to our video tutorials about WordPress, ActiveCampaign and other tools which are used in the Easy Business Generator.

This will help you to do whatever you need to do on your website.

Can I get another design or style?
In alle packages we use the most efficient design.

Fr us, efficient means a website which whill get visitors on your mailinglist, get people to like you, know you and trust you, and eventually buy from you. 

A lot of design makes this difficult. 

Our advise is to start setting up an efficient website, with all relevant elements, required for an Easy Business Generator. 

After that, you could select another theme. This is possible in WordPress.
The theme we use is so flexible, that we are convinced that with this theme you will be able to create the design you want. 

Change of theme, design or style is not included in the two packages ‘EBG Standard’ and ‘EBG Pro’.