Terms & Conditions Easy Business Generator

Delivery of “Standard” version includes:

  • Reliable hosting (including 1 domain name: .nl or .com)
  • Backups (at least once a month) and updates (at least once every quarter)
  • 1 Google Apps mailbox (e-mail address on your domain name)
  • WordPress website with Elegant Themes Divi Theme and handy plugins
  • Active Campaign LITE license (up to 500 contacts).
  • Support for the technical operation of the Easy Business Generator and e-mail
  • Importing your current WordPress blog

For the “Pro” version delivery also includes:

  • Insertion of texts, images and logo
  • Set-up of e-mail procedures/autoresponder (Active Campaign)*
  • 5 Implementation sessions: determine target audience, write opt-in, determine “frontend and backend”, tools and techniques, writing your texts
  • 24/7 access to the online member environment (manuals, tips and information)
  • Each quarter an Online Q&A with your TEAM
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Easy Business Generator
  • Support Credits for two hours, for all your questions about your website

For the “VIP” version deliver also includes:

  • Writing your texts by our copywriter
  • 1 on 1 coaching by our implementation coach
  • Custom adjustments on the design (fair use policy)

Delivery is excluding:

  • Made to measure activities concerning functionality and custom design.

Delivery conditions:

The result of you as a participant greatly depends on your own speed of implementation. This is why we set a maximum timeline for your submission of content for your website:

The participant does everything in his or her power to submit all required content as soon as possible, which must be within three months after purchase

Webalist Webservices B.V. may decide – when content is not forthcoming – after three months to create the website based on the details that are available at that time.

Submitting content after three months is of course still possible, however will not be included in this offer and will be subject to charges for the time required for processing such content. We therefore advise you to start immediately!


You will be invoiced for this on a monthly basis, payable in advance. You will receive the first invoice when placing your order. This is then followed by monthly invoices, starting one month after the order is placed. Prior to final delivery all due invoices must have been paid.

Additional support and services:

For additional support and/or services carried out we charge an hourly rate of EUR79 plus VAT.

Duration of the agreement:

The agreement is made – in principle – for an indefinite period with a minimum period of 1 year, subject to 2 months’ notice.

After one year, the agreement can be cancelled monthly, subject to 2 months’ notice.

By ordering the Easy Business Generator client remains the right, after the first year, to order extension, simplification, or cancellation of the agreed services.

Cancellation or amendments should be notified as follows: in writing by regular post or by e-mail

Oral cancellation (including left voice mail messages) will not be accepted as cancellation. The accepted date of cancellation is the date on which Webalist Webservices B.V. receives the cancellation letter.

For hosting in year 2 there are several options:

  • Basic hosting (excl. e-mail):
  • EUR8.50 per month (updates and backups to be carried out by yourself)
  • Advanced hosting (incl. e-mail):
  • EUR12.50 per month (updates and backups to be carried out by yourself)
  • Professional hosting (Advanced hosting + updates & backups):
  • EUR25 per month
  • Expert hosting (Professional Hosting + Premium WordPress Membership with instruction videos and manuals):
  • EUR47 per month
  • Premium hosting (Expert hosting + 6 hours of “Premium” credits per year)
  • EUR77 per month (hour credits can be spent on extensions, such as additional functionalities or custom adjustments/programming activities).
  • Outsourcing hosting (Expert hosting + 12 hours of “Outsource” credits per year)
  • EUR97 per month (hour credits can be spent on extensions and services, such as texts, images, custom design, custom functionalities or even a web shop).

All packages run on optimized WordPress servers: super fast and stable.

One domain name comes free with each package!

Including personal support by e-mail and telephone.

Basic, Advanced, Premium and Outsourcing hosting subscriptions are taken out for a minimum period of one year.

Professional and Expert hosting subscriptions are monthly subscriptions subject to monthly notice.

Professional-, Expert-, Premium- en Outsourcing hosting also includes support on the membership for content related question about the manuals and instructions!


The software and associated plugins used by Webalist for the delivery of the Easy Business Generator are created by third parties.

The free Open Source platform WordPress is used as well as a number of paid plugins. Webalist Webservices B.V . installs the software as is – unless stated otherwise – and cannot offer any guarantees on the software and cannot be held responsible for any costs deriving from bugs or imperfections in the software and any associated. It may happen that applied plugins have to purchased again, if the website(s) no longer is or are placed at Webalist Webservices B.V.

For all delivery and services by Webalist Webservices B.V. the following terms and conditions of  Nederland ICT apply.